Emergence Theory 

quantum gravity research  

What is reality? Is it information? What is information? Information is meaning conveyed by symbols. Languages and codes are groups of such symbols that convey meaning. The various possible arrangements of these symbols are governed by rules. The language user makes free-will choices regarding how to arrange the symbols, in order to produce meaning, according to these rules. Fundamentally, then, the existence of information must therefore imply a “chooser,” or some form of consciousness, in order for it to be actualized.





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Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac

(Born Bristol, England 8 August 1902 – Died, Tallahassee, Florida, US20 October 1984, aged 82)

Among other discoveries, he formulated the equation which predicted the existence of antimatter. Aesthetically it is elegant and simple. The mirror image of all known particles. Antimatter was later found to exist in the real world. One equation brings together the two cornerstones of modern physics: quantum mechanics and relativity.





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