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This is a curated collection of humanity’s greatest artists who have worked within visual art + design which intersected the landscape. This aims to serve as inspiration ahead of your augmented reality project











Liam Gillick 


LG_KG_2018_02_11-3 copy

Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, December 2019

















Shen Zhou 沈周

Born in Xiangcheng, Jiangsu Province, China 1427 – 1509 / style name Qi’nan (启南) and Shitian (石田), was a Chinese painter, Wu School, in the Ming dynasty




Lofty Mt. Lu 廬山高 / Hanging scroll, ink, and colors on paper, 193.8 x 98.1cm, Taiwan National Palace Museum
simultaneously here and there at the one location 










Katsushika Hokusai 葛飾 北斎

Born Edo c. 31 October, 1760 – Died Edo 10 May 1849 Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter + printmaker of the Edo (now Tokyo) period.



The Great Wave off Kanagawa (c. 1829-33) / Color woodblock/dimensions 25.7 x 37.8cm / to be read in conjunction with his “36 Views of Mount Fuji”
“He examines a single blade of grass. But this blade of grass leads him to draw every plant, then the seasons, then the grand vistas of the landscape, then the animals, and finally the human figure. Thus he spends his life, and his life is too short for him to achieve everything” – Van Gogh on Hokusai
always progressing / individual and one /atomized their world