this is designed to convey my background and experience to date, a sense of were I am coming from, to substantiate the articles I have published have come after experience or study

Employed as a Civil Servant

Northern Ireland Government, Higher Mapping and Charting Officer (Staff Officer) of the Ordnance Survey Directorate, Belfast, Land & Property Services, Department of Finance

Guest Writer at VentureBeat, California & New York “tech news that matters”


Chartered Geographer (Royal Geographical Society) 

Chartered Surveyor (Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors)

Designer (Chartered Society of Designers) 

Selected Talks

To over 150 girls (ages 12-13) at St. Louise’s Grammar School Belfast (Talk prepared and delivered)

“Light hearted overview of geography, design, and art; importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality in design; potential creative technologies (AR) available to pupils when they graduate school in 5 years time & how they can influence the future before even attending university”


Meeting of the 11 CEOs of the Northern Ireland (NI)  Local Government Councils (Talk prepared and delivered)

“Innovation in mapping licensing and distribution: Review & Benefits of the NI Mapping Agreement”

Every single civil servant in NI has access to all Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) mapping data due to this innovative licensing and distribution agreement which simplified an inherently complex series of processes to enabled faster access to world class geographic information to support our public services. This agreement has since be modeled by National Mapping Agencies around the world.


Opening of the Centre of Geographic Information Systems and Geomatics at Queen’s University, Belfast (Talk prepared and delivered)

“Understanding the global market of spatial data; a contrarian  view of mapping in the next 25 years; autonomous vehicles and AR; overview of OSNI national mapping product (FUSION), one of the most sophisticatedly  simple mapping products created (non-miltary)”


Ulster University, Coleraine Post graduate GIS class (Talk prepared and delivered)

“The Northern Ireland GI Consultancy; expanding from 5 staff to 22 within 3 years, (now serving all 8 central government departments for the first time) a team effort, and the benefits to public; all staff received fair and good wage (starting £25,871) pension with a healthy life / work balance. New hires include fresh graduates.”


The First Northern Ireland Developer Conference Belfast (Talk prepared and delivered)

“A fast paced overview of GI and GIS: A developer’s guide – including open source tools  to help you in your projects”


 Belfast Apple developer meet up (Talk prepared and delivered)

“ARkit: scope for location-based applications and a bit of history and poetry for good measure”

Live Projects 

Currently drafting the Northern Ireland Land & Property Services Geospatial Data Infrastructure Strategy 

Northern Ireland is arguably the most mapped part of the earth (non-military)

In tandem with the above strategy, prototyping: Linking all official and authoritative Land Registry, Taxation, Revenues, and Benefits, records to the geometry of every single building (linking to the innovative OSNI FUSION GI mapping database) in Northern Ireland. If achieved, NI will be amongst the first countries in the world to achieve this feat in such an intuitive and design based manner delivering a myriad of benefits to the public.

GDPR (an impressive policy instrument) is an essential and effective design tool to support project completion. The project is managed with special consideration of security and privacy to protect members of the public. 


Small project: Maintaining national map currency (up-to-dateness) requires an incredibly complex organization of people and processes.  A very small cog within this system, this project introduced  “pre-built geographic intelligence”  via “professional crowdsourcing” (from other Government sections) allowing LPS to be automatically notified of when certain buildings were ready for survey. Land area c 70% of country. Metadata included e.g. building size – useful to understand in the allocation of finite resources. Process requires further refinement and streamlining. 


Ordnance Survey NI Directorate, LPS (The Civil Service of Northern Ireland) releases the new OSNI Fusion national mapping product suite. It is a product of the Civil Service of NI. It is a product of years of effort of hundreds of staff, not only within LPS, but across the civil service and partnering with external third parties. It is one of the most sophisticatedly simple mapping products created. It represents the biggest change to the national mapping database since the 1980s and is state of the art next generation mapping. For every piece of geographic information captured, for each section of map data you use, equipment had to be identified and tested, processes had to be created and experimented. Potentially all moments can be recorded against location on a single tectonic plane. 

In addition to meets Dieter Rams principles of design it truly has the ability to “get better the more it is used”. It is unrivaled in terms of currency, detail, and country-wide comprehensive coverage. As a public sector product all revenue  is reinvested back in to advancing the map and staff training. It is a collective and civic product.  

Country wide, 150+ geographic layers are simplified to 1 single layer, where NI becomes like the world’s largest living jigsaw. A Myriad of benefits including the ability to link disparate datasets to any geographic feature and receive automatic  notifications if the landscape you are interested in has changed. 

LPS have delegated powers from Her Majesty’s Stationary Office to maintain this product. This product is property of the Crown and subject to Crown copyright.  


Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 09.44.41.png

abstracted unified single layer (fusion)


Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 09.45.58.png



Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 09.44.35.png

to digital 1980s


Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 09.44.01

paper C19th 

Work between University & Civil Service

Private Planning Consultancy based in Westminster, London 


“Belfast; the Social Economy; Peace Walls” ( 1st Age 24 )

“Minimalism in Art, Design and the Built Environment”  ( 1st – Age 21 )

“Ecclesiastical Architecture & Design” ( A* – Age 17 ) 

“Urban Regeneration in Belfast” (A* – Age 16

Within Top 1% of UK Geography Students  A-Level, Age 17/18

Within Top 1% of UK Geography Students  GCSE Level, Age 16


All Ireland Digital Technology Awards (Eircom Spider Awards) Double Nominee “Geography” & “Charitable Projects”

Zero budget: sought out and lead group of volunteers to build a map based web plotting over 35,000 locations of where dogs had been vaccinated from Rabies across India on behalf of the World Veterinary Service. Rabies kills a child every 9 minutes in India. 100% Volunteering, no financial gain. 

Best Student: International Planning – Queen’s University, Belfast 

GIS: Top of Class – Queen’s University, Belfast 

Best Architecture Design Student / 2nd year – Edinburgh College of Art 

Voluntary Work

World Veterinary Service 

Community Places, Belfast (Volunteering) Government sponsored service that advice to eligible community groups and individuals seeking to securing town and country planning permission

Volunteer Wave Trauma Centre, helping those affected by ‘The Troubles’, providing cross community based youth services  

Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity 

GAP Clothing

Sales Associate (4 years part time during college) in Belfast & Edinburgh stores – two of the top performing stores in the world / world class customer service training & great leadership 

Born 1985 

Raised and brought up primarily along the Crumlin Road, Belfast (Northern area of the city) always curious about the peace walls



Blissing out to music

skydiving (Licensed: QUB Sky Dive Club, British Parachute Association) Drop-zones at Garavagh, Northern Ireland;  Gap, France; & Empuriabrava, Spain  (on 53 Jumps, yeooo!)


Hiking in the Mourne Mountains, Co. Down

Snowboarding (Beginner!)