Chartered Geographer

Chartered Surveyor

Chartered Designer

Surfer / Snowboarder (Beginner) / Licensed Skydiver 

Drop-zones include Garavagh, Northern Ireland; Gap, France; Empuriabrava, Spain; Snowboarding; Maribel, France


The first person in the world to achieve chartered geographer, chartered surveyor, and chartered designer status. Double nominee (Geography & Charity categories) of the all Ireland Eircom Spider Digital Technology Awards on a non-profit project. Currently serving as a public servant within Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland Directorate, Northern Ireland Civil Service. A guest writer at California based Venture Beat, one of the largest media outlets in the world covering technology. At GCSE and A-Level was placed within the top 1% of United Kingdom geography students. Between University and the NI Civil Service worked in a consultancy based in Westminster, London.

The author has a diverse family background including family originating from Monte Cassino in Italy, a great great uncle, Daniel Mc Alorum, who was a World War I hero honoured with the Queens Medal for bravery, and an Auntie, Olga Forte / Jackson, who was amongst the first group of investors in a young entrepreneur called Bill Gates and his start-up Microsoft in the 1980s.


Selected Recent Talks

All individually prepared and delivered

To over 150 girls (ages 12-13) at St. Louise’s Grammar School Belfast “Light hearted overview of geography, design, and art; importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality in design; potential creative technologies (AR) available to pupils when they graduate school in 5 years time & how they can influence the future before even attending university”

Meeting of the 11 CEOs of the Northern Ireland (NI)  Local Government Councils “Innovation in mapping licensing and distribution: Review & Benefits of the NI Mapping Agreement”

Every single civil servant in NI has access to all Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) mapping data due to this innovative licensing and distribution agreement which simplified an inherently complex series of processes to enabled faster access to world class geographic information to support our public services. This agreement has since be modeled by National Mapping Agencies around the world.

Opening of the Centre of Geographic Information Systems and Geomatics at Queen’s University, Belfast “Understanding the global market of spatial data; a contrarian  view of mapping in the next 25 years; autonomous vehicles and AR; overview of OSNI national mapping product (FUSION), one of the most sophisticatedly  simple mapping products created (non-miltary)”

Ulster University, Coleraine Post graduate GIS class “The Northern Ireland GI Consultancy; expanding from 5 staff to 22 within 3 years, (now serving all 8 central government departments for the first time) a team effort, and the benefits to public; all staff received fair and good wage (starting £25,871) pension with a healthy life / work balance. New hires include fresh graduates.”

The First Northern Ireland Developer Conference Belfast  “A fast paced overview of GI and GIS: A developer’s guide – including open source tools  to help you in your projects”

 Belfast Apple developer meet up “ARkit: scope for location-based applications and a bit of history and poetry for good measure”


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“Belfast; the Social Economy; Peace Walls” (1st – Age 24, Queen’s University, Belfast)

“Minimalism in Art, Design and the Built Environment”  (1st – Age 21, Edinburgh College of Art)

“Ecclesiastical Architecture & Design” (A* – Age 17) 

“Urban Regeneration in Belfast” (A* – Age 17)



Voluntary Work

World Veterinary Service 

Community Places, Belfast 

Volunteer Wave Trauma Centre, helping those affected by ‘The Troubles’, providing cross community based youth services




Library at Monte Cassino, Italy