The Enabled Landscape

the merger of our digital world with the landscape

Serialized exclusively at Venture Beat, the world leading technology media outlet

i . The Future of Augmented Reality is the Enabled Landscape

ii. The Promise of Universal Augmented Reality, a Design Heuristic

iii. Allemansrätten – the First Law of Augmented Reality (releasing soon)

iv. Augmented Reality – An Epic User Story (exclusive book access only)

v. Augmented Reality – into the Infinite Limelight (exclusive book access only)

vi. A New Breed of Designer, Storyteller, & Retailer 

vii. …..

Annex A – Humanities greatest landscape artists curated for inspiration for those creating an Enabled Landscape (exclusive)

Annex B – Secret to great landscape art (exclusive)

a. The enabled landscape / audio interview / Chicago School of Architecture




“Enabled landscape



“northern ireland map 2019”

“Belfast Fresco” (in progress)

“Mapping David Bowie” (in progress)

“Homer the first” (in progress)